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Labrador X Cocker Spaniel

These designer puppies are for everyone who don't particularly want a poodle cross designer or a large dog. A spanador is a medium, smooth coated water lover which will suit outdoor, fun loving families. Both the labrador and cocker spaniel qualities come through with this breed, they love to retrieve, play and run but they are only a medium size so they will suit active people in both suburban homes and smaller acreage properties. Spanadors average 22kg and 55cm fully grown. As this breed is TCI inseminated and not naturally mated they are not available all year round so we recommend putting your name on our waiting list if you like this playful, energetic and loyal family breed.


New Litters

Inky and Rosco's new litter of spanadors-  3 females


Inky (Pure Labrador) and her puppiesGroup photo- 1 week old
Group photo- 3 weeks oldGroup photo- 3 weeks oldGroup photo- 3 weeks old
Group photo - 5th May 2013Group photo - 5th May 2013Group photo - 5th May 2013
Group photo- 12th May 2013Group photo- 12th May 2013
Puppy 1- FemalePuppy 2- femalePuppy 3- female

Individual selection photos

Poppy and Scruffy's new litter of Spanadors- 2 male and 2 female SOLD-
Poppy (Pure Labrador) and her puppiesGroup photo- 1 week old
Group photo- 15th Jan 13Group photo- 15th Jan 13
Group photo - 21st Jan 12Group photo - 21st Jan 12
Group photo- 28th Jan 2013Group photo- 28th Jan 2013
2 female spanadors- 5 weeks old2 male spanadors - 5 weeks old
Puppy 1- femalePuppy 2- femalePuppy 3- malePuppy 4- male

Past Litters

 Bronie and Rosco's spanadors- All SOLD - 

Gold females - 5 weeks oldBlack male and Black female- 5 weeks oldChocolate male -  5 weeks old
Group photo-5 weeks oldGroup photo- 5 weeks old
Puppy 1- gold femalePuppy 2- gold femalePuppy 3- chocolate malePuppy 4-black male
Puppy 5-black female

Bundy and Rosco's new litter 3 gold males, 1 black male and female sold

Brony (labrador) and her puppiesGroup photo 1 week oldGroup photo 1 week old
Group photo- 4 weeks oldGroup photo- 4 weeks oldGroup photo - 4 weeks old
Puppy 1 - Black femalePuppy 2- Black malePuppy 3- Gold malePuppy 4- Gold male
Puppy 5- Gold malePuppy 6- Gold male